Fine Art

Nancy Riegelman is a fine artist and freelance illustrator. She has exhibited internationally and has written several educational publications.

Nancy Picot Riegelman and Michael Perelman  

Chateau Marmont


For this joint exhibition, the work has been taken out of the gallery context and displayed in a hotel room to initiate a conversation about how art changes when viewed in a domestic setting. The work itself is concerned with surface, material, and lightness, demonstrating a love of craft and skill. Nancy Picot Riegelman's pieces push ideas of beauty in their quietly sensual ways, highlighting direct and indirect means of communication between the body and the object. Michael Perelman's paintings and drawings invite the viewer to reflect on intimate views of the details of life through their skillful balance of color and line. In conversation with each other, both artists' work reveals themselves in a new light. They invite you to share in this experience of viewing and invigorate the act of seeing outside of a traditional setting.